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Detecting beacons using Nearby Messages API

My colleagues from iOS are working on a project that is using BLE  beacons to detect when users that have the app installed enter a BLE beacon region. Apple has native support for beacon detection and it seemed pretty straight forward to use on … Continue reading

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Android Unit testing with Junit4 and Mockito

Finally , Android Studio 1.1 and the Android gradle plugin bring support for unit testing . We no longer need to run our tests on an actual device, we will be able to execute the tests against the JVM, making … Continue reading

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Recycler View – pre cache views

Prerequisites : RecyclerView Recently I had to “optimize” a RecyclerView to make it load images before they are displayed (render views, before they become visible). The problem was as seen below, that for a few milliseconds the preview or a … Continue reading

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Google Play Services – on a much needed DIET

Later EDIT 2015 : Google now has split up the play-services library on modules ( so the below method is not needed anymore. As you should know, Android has a DEX method count limit of 65 K. Adding multiple libraries & jars to … Continue reading

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