Recycler View – pre cache views

Prerequisites :

  1. RecyclerView

Recently I had to “optimize” a RecyclerView to make it load images before they are displayed (render views, before they become visible). The problem was as seen below, that for a few milliseconds the preview or a blank image is displayed before the Bitmap is placed. I had to get rid of this effect, and make the images load before they become visible to the user. Obviously for loading images I am using Picasso .

And here is the code for the initial implementation, which obviously loads a list of cat images.

CatsRecyclerAdapter adapter = new CatsRecyclerAdapter(getActivity(), cats);

//Setup layout manager
PreCachingLayoutManager layoutManager = new PreCachingLayoutManager(getActivity());


First thing I tried was to tell Picasso to  pre-fetch some of the images, before they are displayed. Inside the bindViewHolder() method I was using :


to load the images for the next few items. This will download the images before they are needed, and improves things, but there is still a delay while the Bitmap is loaded from disk / memory and resized properly.

My second temptation was to “hack” the RecyclerView, and set the width to be higher than the screen height, forcing the rendering of a few items that are not yet visible to the user. This did not work with RecyclerView, although it might work with ListView.

Finally I digged more inside the RecyclerView and found out that the LinearLayoutManager has a protected method :

protected int getExtraLayoutSpace(RecyclerView.State> state)

So I extended this class and override the method, to return an additional number of pixels to be drawn, and solve our problem in an elegant way.

public class PreCachingLayoutManager extends LinearLayoutManager {
    private static final int DEFAULT_EXTRA_LAYOUT_SPACE = 600;
    private int extraLayoutSpace = -1;
    private Context context;

    public PreCachingLayoutManager(Context context) {
        this.context = context;

    public PreCachingLayoutManager(Context context, int extraLayoutSpace) {
        this.context = context;
        this.extraLayoutSpace = extraLayoutSpace;

    public PreCachingLayoutManager(Context context, int orientation, boolean reverseLayout) {
        super(context, orientation, reverseLayout);
        this.context = context;

    public void setExtraLayoutSpace(int extraLayoutSpace) {
        this.extraLayoutSpace = extraLayoutSpace;

    protected int getExtraLayoutSpace(RecyclerView.State state) {
        if (extraLayoutSpace > 0) {
            return extraLayoutSpace;

And just use this as LayoutManager for our RecyclerAdapter, and as it can be seen below, the problem is solved.

If anyone needs it, the code is available on GitHub.


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11 Responses to Recycler View – pre cache views

  1. Sourabh says:

    Is something like this possible for GridLayoutManager?

    • hey i find same staggeredlayout or grid layout , actucally its very important point to discuss , i tried with linearlayoutmanager work ok , but cant find anything for staggered or grid have u found solution ?

  2. Rob says:

    This worked wonderfully for my project. Thank you!

  3. teja says:

    awesome bud. Really helpful.

  4. Nixy says:

    Thank you, greate solution!

  5. babilon1210 . says:

    How do I work with the DeviceUtils?

  6. what about staggered or grid layout ? .. nothign for it i tried many things ,

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  8. Rustam says:

    thank you for the solution I searched for hours!

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